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Compassion and How it Relates to Your Quality of Care

When Compassion Hospice was founded in 2007, it wasn’t an accident that we chose our name as Compassion Hospice. Compassion and quality go hand in hand. Compassion for our family, neighbors and fellow Southeast Texans is the driving force behind our care during this important time. It’s easy for agencies to say they’re the best, more difficult to get others to do so.

Medicare recently created their hospice compare website to help cut through the marketing speech and give those who are looking the tools to make an informed decision. The information includes the results of family satisfaction surveys – the experience of families have with their loved ones on hospice care. These surveys are sent to families after their loved one has passed. Compassion Hospice has always rated at the top in Southeast Texas hospice care, tho the data reported lags a year or more behind the current time ( ) . We’re excited to share current 2019 information with our family satisfaction surveys below. There’s always room for improvement, we’re honored that so many have trusted us to care for them during this time.

Compassion and QualityOur numbers are in the column to the right. They are compared to the national averages of the thousands of agencies. We are proud of our Compassion Hospice team and how they live compassion in their daily work lives. It shows. 🙂

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