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Seven Ways to Get Better Cancer Care

Studies have shown wide variances in cancer care exist across the US, here are 7 tips for Receiving Better Cancer Care:


“Don’t confuse palliative and hospice care with giving up hope of living longer. In actuality, patients with invasive cancers who receive palliative care along with cancer treatments tend to enjoy better quality of life and live longer. Similarly, cancer patients who receive hospice care tend to live longer than those who don’t.”

Compassion Hospice offers our Bridges program – free to the public, we’re here to help improve the quality of life for both patients and families facing advanced or chronic illness. We offer guidance, support to alleviate stress and anxiety, and education for those living with advanced or chronic illness.

“The reasons are not mysterious. Palliative and hospice care teams provide meticulous clinical attention to people’s pain and other symptoms, as well as support for their emotional and spiritual concerns. These programs provide medications needed to control pain and other discomfort, visits by highly skilled nurses, a team of professionals, and quick access to someone to answer questions or manage problems 24 hours a day. It’s little wonder that people with advanced cancer who receive such comprehensive whole-person care are able to feel a bit better and survive longer.”

For more information about the Bridges program, call Ashley Klamfoth at 409-239-5690

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