How Do I Find the Right Nursing Home?

One of the most difficult decisions we make as we care for an elderly loved one is deciding if nursing home care is right for them. Once that decision is made, where do we begin to find the right nursing home? It can be overwhelming.

While we have several good nursing homes in Southeast Texas, making the best choice for your loved one can be tough – there is a website by Medicare to help: Nursing Home Compare , tho some of the information found is self-reported and not verified by 3rd party interviews. As reported recently: “many other top-ranked nursing homes have been given a seal of approval that is based on incomplete information and that can seriously mislead consumers, investors and others about conditions at the homes.” (NYT).
find the right Nursing Home

There is a more in-depth site provided to Texas Residents by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): Long Term Care Provider Search. By entering your desired zip code or county name, you can review Inspection reports, any violations of rules, life safety reports and health reports – critical information to make an informed decision for sure. Keep in mind some nursing homes may have had issues in the past and have made changes to correct those.

The Long Term Care Quality Reporting System also allows you to search for quality in Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Care, and Home Health Care. There’s not one yet available for hospice care, though the pieces are being put into place for inclusion soon. We’ll be posting links to the site as soon as it’s available.

If you know of someone who needs help, we’re available, 24/7. Start here: Get Help Today or call 835-8357 .

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