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Grief Counseling is Available

Compassion Hospice is now offering a grief counseling and bereavement support groups that are open to the community and free of charge. This group is for those coping with life’s trials and loss. It can be for a variety of reasons: relocating, coping with a diagnosis, loss of a friend or loved one, or simply to connect with other people to feel healthy again. These meetings are to inspire and be a helping hand for those in need. For additional information: Start here or call Lindsey Rivas at 835-8357 .
grief counseling
Dozens of online sites offer grief and wellness counseling, a few are discussed here , but for most, in person counseling is most helpful.

Social Worker and Chaplain Services

Social Work and Chaplain Services are also available as requested to provide grief counseling and emotional and spiritual support, not only to the patient but to the entire family.

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