More Moments, Made Possible by Compassion Hospice

Over the last year or so we began discussing how hospice can make a positive change in your loved-one’s last days, weeks and months. Studies show that on average people have more moments, live longer, more comfortably, and with a higher quality of life when they choose hospice care in their last months of life. I’ve seen it with my own eyes literally thousands of times over the last 14 years.

Hearing this from us usually pales in comparison to someone’s real life experience. In their own words you can sense the real struggle with the initial decision and the gradual realization that for most, the decision was the best could be done for their loved one and one that gave them more time with them, not less.
More Moments made possible by Compassion Hospice
Below is a letter sent to us from Gina, the niece of one of our beloved patient’s at Pleasantville-Hospice, Mrs. Moss. She came to us with a type of Leukemia that at the time required hospitalizations nearly weekly for blood transfusions. With her permission, we are sharing a bit of Mrs. Moss’ story and Gina’s experience with the Compassion Hospice team:

Trying to find the right words to thank your team for the care of Christine Moss is not easy but here it goes. I call you a team, yet a group of angels seems more appropriate.

As you know in the beginning I was anti-hospice, believing you were a death sentence.  That January day in 2015 when Aunt Chris decided to go under your care, my heart sank to the ground. “Are you serious God? After all we’ve been through to save her life with these specialists, treatments, transfusions, etc., you two are choosing this?  I know she is your follower but how can this possibly be the right choice for her?”  Selfishness is typical for us here on Earth, wanting to try everything possible to extend the lives of our loved ones.  Some of us don’t even stop to think about what our loved one really wants and may have already planned out with their Creator.  Jesus very gently told me to continue to love and care for her but to step aside and let him show us what his love can do. The decision He and Aunt Chris made presented a yearlong miracle right before our very eyes. A death sentence was not what this was.  It was another year life sentence free of doctors, hospitals, tubes, needles, less medication and unnecessary expenses.

Everyone including the medical field found themselves speechless and in awe when her health actually began to improve with no further blood transfusions, just by improving to an active lifestyle and using a healthy dietary supplement. After a year of living, not dying, below are just a few of the things she was able to do and would not have done without Compassion Hospice. I wanted to share these at her Celebration of Life but was not able to:

  • 28 Sunday Worship Services with Pastor Wheeler at First Church of Orange
  • 19 Ladies Tuesday Morning Prayer meetings with her dear friends
  • 12 months enjoying her beloved Chihuahua “Precious”, witnessing her 3 lb weight loss instead of gain
  • 22 more episodes of “The Andy Griffith” show
  • Work in her yard including planting flowers in her garden 2 or 3 times
  • Enjoy 82 more hamburgers
  • Recite her silly riddles numerous times such as, “If You and Your Folks” and  ”Peter Piper picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers” while learning how helpful the internet could be when she wanted to know  what a “Peck” was equivalent .. LOL!
  • Become the prime interviewee for KFDM Channel 6 as the star of “A Special Report” concerning Hospice
  • Celebrated several holidays and occasions such as another Birthday of 87 years with family, friends and even her new family, Compassion Hospice, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even rang in the New Year, 2016
  • Experienced having “maids”, “servants” and pampered care at her manicured fingertips
  • 226 hours of unlimited phone calls to and from family and friends
  • Receive a powerful touch from the Lord in her hospital bed 4 days before she went to be with him
  • Take a walk on Crystal Beach feeling the sand beneath her feet
  • Have her own Christmas Carolers (Compassion Hospice members and some of their own family members) singing on her front porch as she listened from her hospital bed window

That’s a lot in a year!!

Thank you, Compassion Hospice:

  • Natosha, for checking on her well-being weekly while keeping me informed and for nominating her for the Channel 6
  • Pastor Pitre, for coming to see her weekly and teaching the word “to each other” …LOL! You read her poem beautifully and I appreciate
  • Thank you to the doctors and nurses: Jean, Elaine, and Amanda for keeping up with her health
  • To Allen and Paula for your persistence in encouraging she go under Hospice Boy were you insistent!! But thank God.
  • Last but not least for all of the references to Medicaid help such as Amerigroup, PRN, that allowed her to…


All of these things would not have been possible for her to do in the Nursing Home.


Gina Boulware


We loved Mrs. Moss, it was such an honor to be trusted with her care and help her get to those more moments – below is a youtube video she recorded, it gives you a glimpse of this strong woman’s personality. If you know of someone who wants more moments , we’re available to help today, 24/7. Start here: Get Help Today or call 835-8357 .


  • Jane Wade Bristow Moore

    Gina, What a fabulous letter you wrote. Thanks for sharing with me. I can testify that Chris’s last year was a blessing from God through the hands of Compassion Hospice. It was so amazing to watch Chris make such an unbelievable comeback from Leukemia — to live one more joyous year she so deserved. Through your love and service to her and through Compassion’s love and service to her, she could live and complete all the things she wanted to do in life and most enjoyed doing. I am forever grateful to you and to Compassion Hospice. I only hope that when my time comes, I will be taken care of by a hospice like Compassion Hospice that treated Chris with so much love and kindness. Love to all of you. Jane

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