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You don’t have to do this alone.

You are not alone. Getting the news of a life-threatening illness is a scary time. For patients and their loved ones facing a terminal illness, Compassion Hospice provides care without compromise in the comfort of home. NOW, is the best time to learn about Compassion Hospice services and discuss end of life wishes with your healthcare provider and family before a crisis develops. Educating yourself now will help you know when to ask your healthcare provider about hospice services.


Choosing the right hospice can be confusing. As a result all hospices in the US have published quality and family satisfaction scores found at Medicare’s Hospice Compare Site . Compassion Hospice consistently ranks at the top in Southeast Texas. As the only hospice in Southeast Texas recognized nationally for our quality of care we accept Texan Plus, HealthSpring, most private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. We also provide palliative care, grief support, and private duty service. Most importantly, everyone is different – we’ll customize your care based on your needs.

If you’re considering hospice for yourself or a loved one, you are not alone, there is help. We’re available to help today, 24/7.
Start here: Get Help Today or call 835-8357 .

You are not alone

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