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We know for many people, life around Christmas and the other holidays can be especially difficult as we continue to mourn the loss of a loved one. Help is available. Here are a few ways to cope with your loss:

Some Ways to Cope With Grief During the Holidays

compassionate hospice is here to help

  • Give Yourself Permission

    Giving yourself permission to feel is exactly what it sounds like. It means allowing yourself to feel whatever emotion emerges, whenever it emerges, without judgment or shame. Avoid judging the feelings, and give yourself space to feel without the should.

  • Accept Your Thoughts and Feelings

    Accepting our feelings without criticism can be such a valuable tool for us. It puts us in a right relationship with reality. The reality is the feeling exists, itís there, and trying to do anything other than accepting itís a real and legitimate feeling, risks adding unnecessary conflict on top of an already vulnerable and raw state of mind.

  • Give Yourself Grace

    Give yourself a ton of grace this season, and for the rest of your life, really, and donít care what anyone else thinks about how youíre handling your pain.

We donít follow a neat step-by-step path until one day we arrive at acceptance, and can finally say weíve moved on. Anyone whoís ever grieved will tell you that. Read more from the excellent timely article here:

Some Ways to Cope With Grief During the Holidays

If you’re mourning the loss of your loved one, we are truly sorry for what you’re going through. Compassion has trained counselors available to help. Start here: Get Help Today or call 835-8357 .

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