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I Want to Talk About My Son Brooks

“When your newborn child is going to pass away, there are all sorts of questions that you need to ask. Questions you’ve never thought about before, and never figured you’d ever need to be asking. There are a bunch of them. And they’re all terrible.” Children in hospice aren’t common, this is one story of how a parent dealth with this heart-wrenching time.

I Want to Talk About My Son Brooks

A movingly written essay by the Los Angeles Dodger Rich Hill tells story of their second born son Brooks. Born with a rare genetic disorder, Brooks spent a lot of time in the hospital just trying to figure out what was happening. Once given the bad news, Brooks’ parents chose to take him home on hospice.

“So we took Brooks home.
To be a family. Together.
All of us as one.
And it was just so refreshing to be able to get rid of all those wires and just … hug our child.
We could finally stop monitoring Brooks and truly connect with him and just … allow him to be a baby. It was no longer about chasing answers, or reading medical journal articles, or trying to think of something we could do to fix our son.
We could just let him be Brooks.
We could hold him and tell him how much we all loved him.”

Everyone deals with grief in their own way.

“There is no right way to grieve.
Everyone grieves differently, and nobody does it well. No one is good at grieving.”

Children in Hospice

Children in hospice is a life-altering experience for everyone involved.

At Compassion Hospice we have trained compassionate counselors available to you both during and after your hospice experience, please call us if you’re struggling with grief. Start here: Get Help Today or call 835-8357 .

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