How can You be a volunteer at Compassion Hospice?

We need Patient and Family Support Volunteers: These are people who, after completing our training program, are willing to provide companionship or a “third hand” to our patients and their family. The duties performed are simple tasks that do not include any medical attention. This is just the “personal” attention the patients miss – sitting and reading a book, running an errand for a caregiver, allowing a caregiver to run errands or simply take a break for a couple of hours. During training, our coordinator will get to know you as a person, and pair your volunteering with your gifts and talents.

We need Special Service Volunteers: There are professionals who can donate their time and talents, too. If you are a massage therapist, pet therapist, hairdresser, or manicurist and you are willing to serve others, our patients would enjoy special treatment from you.

We need 11th Hour Volunteers: These are people who are willing to take a spur of the moment patient case. They are called with death is imminent and the patient is alone or the family needs support. 11 th Hour volunteers usually work in shifts, through the night, as long as the patient or family is in need of the support. Our chaplains work closely with 11th Hour volunteers, and this is an excellent opportunity for those who serve in ministry and have time availability.

We need Special Project Volunteers: From time to time we have special fundraising projects and events that just need a few helping hands. This can include putting food baskets together, and more. This is a great way to teach youth groups and student government organizations about servant hood and doing for others.


Please contact Judy Storms at 409-835-8357 to find out how you can help those in need!

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